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Steven Tyler Feat Nicole Scherzinger – Feels So Good

10 May 2011

Download lagu Steven Tyler Feat Nicole Scherzinger – Feels So Good gratis hanya untuk review lagu saja. Belilah kaset asli atau cd original dari album Steven Tyler Feat Nicole Scherzinger – Feels So Good atau gunakan nada sambung pribadi agar mereka tetap bisa berkarya.

Steven Tyler Feat Nicole Scherzinger – Feels So Good Lyrics

Something cool went down,
As I was walking with a friend of mine, and I,
I still remember,
how she was smelling like the summer time, and,

And ooh… how it changed my mind,
changed everything, about that,
come on girl,

It feels so good, loving you, yeah…
It’s so good, the way you do the do…
It feels so good, and I need Oxygen,
little bit of heaven doin’ 24-7 again…
Yeah, again and again…

Like i was sayin’,
my little cupid was real super freak, by the,
time that i came down,
I’ll get locked up in a room for a week,

And ooh… how she changed my mind,
changed everything, about this,
crazy world,

It feels so good, loving you, yeah…
It’s so good, the way you do the do…
It feels so good, yeah and by the way,
little bit of heaven 24-7 times a day…

A long hair ,
A double dare,
and I swear,
little bit will do you some good…

Say where,
I’m goin’ there,
and I swear
can’t get enough of you… hu, yeah, yeah…

(harmonica solo)

Ma bonsoir,
Excuse moi,
Ya ooh la la,
It’s doing to me good… yeah, yeah, yeah…


Uh yeee, It feels so good, loving you, yeah…
It’s so good, the way you do the do…
It feels so good, yeah I need Oxygen,
little bit of heaven doin’ 24-7 ahhh…

It feels so good, loving you, yeah…
It’s so good, the way you do the do…
It feels so good, lovin’ you,
It feels so good, making love to you…
uh, yeah…. uh eeee… uh yeah…

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… yeah, yeah…

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